No warehouse? No problem. Canvas now connects directly to your apps.

We’re excited to announce that you can now connect over 100 apps directly to Canvas so you can explore data in minutes, with zero code.

No warehouse? No problem. Canvas now connects directly to your apps.

Last week, I wrote a quick guide for early-stage founders on how to build out a data stack.

You should eventually use the best tools for the job and build out your own stack. But doing so costs a lot of money and takes time. So it's no surprise that we get a lot of early-stage startups that sign up for Canvas and are pretty disappointed to learn that they can only connect their database. Until today...

Who is this for?

You’re an early-stage startup with a database and several apps from which you want to combine and explore data.

The problem: A data stack costs a lot of time and money 💸

Without a data stack, you’re stuck exporting data out of your apps and into spreadsheets so you can build metrics. Your operators are reliant on your engineers for help with SQL queries.  

You want to raise that next round but to do so you need to make faster, better decisions with live data. Your engineers need to be laser-focused on building, not helping with SQL favors. And you'll definitely need a clear overview of your company’s metrics to show investors you have things under control.

The solution: Connect your apps directly to Canvas 🔌

Canvas now lets you combine data from your database and apps without the time and cash required to set up your data stack. Once connected, anyone in your company can explore this data with just their spreadsheet skills, automate manual reporting in sheets, and build dashboards.

How’s it work? 🤔

We partnered with Fivetran, the best-in-class ETL platform, to enable connections with over 100 apps. Once connected, we’ll store that data in a managed Snowflake instance.

What happens when I need to hire a data team? 👩‍🔬

Growing fast and need to scale? We got you. You can migrate that data whenever you’re ready to your warehouse.

Is it secure? 🔒

We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified, hosted on AWS, and encrypt data at rest and in transit. You can read more about our security practices here.

Want to try it out? 🏃‍♂️

Head to and get started. Getting set up takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any code.

Have any questions? Send us an email at [email protected].